COMPLETE Clock Striker Group Shot Hot Tee.png
COMPLETE Clock Striker Group Shot Hot Tee.png


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Our most popular new series - groups up on a new tee!

CLOCK STRIKER has exploded for Saturday AM and promises to be our legendary EXCLUSIVE manga titles!

The story of Cast, a 12 yr old engineer who dreams of becoming a SMITH (think ninja meets engineer) but is stymied by the lack of women and especially people of color in those roles. Her life changes when she is chosen to be an apprentice to infamous FEMALE SMITH, Philomena Clock! Now, as a STRIKER he intends to learn all she can but first she has to survive the action and adventure along the way!

Get a hint at what's to come with a glimpse of her amazing cast of characters!

Art by REKSE with design flourish by Amon Kanongo

CLOCK STRIKER (c) Frederick L. Jones 2017

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