Kickstarter for Katharos: The Shattered World

katharos the shattered world saturday am saturday-am

Alright!!! Time is winding down for the Kickstarter for Katharos: The Shattered World

There are six says left in the campaign and I need your help!

I started this campaign in order to pay for the printing of the first issue to Katharos: The Shattered World.


it will cover things such as the first 36+ page comic as well as merchandise associated with Katharos: The Shattered World.

The comic will still be available to read online through Saturday AM!

Please help support my book! Even if you cannot pledge please help in spreading the word about Katharos: The Shattered World!

Here is the link!

Katharos: The Shatter World Kickstarter!

                                                             LET'S DO THIS!

                                                           LET'S DO THIS!