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The Greater Dragon Institute. An elite school for all things martial arts. GDI’s curriculum trains its students to surpass human limitations through physical, mental, and spiritual training. Fighters of all disciplines come from around the world to be accepted into the school, but very few actually make it. The story follows a rash young martial artist named Isao Akia who has been miraculously accepted into GDI. Since Isao could remember he’s had an almost unhealthy obsession with defending the weak which earned him the moniker of, “Bully Eater”. What he lacks in physical strength he compensates for in cunning and sheer willpower through combat. In his goal to graduate from GDI, he will face off against super powered fighters with abilities that defy human logic.


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Raymond Brown AKA Rayme3000 (the pronunciation rhymes with FAME3000)  was born in Wilmington, NC and graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte in 2005. Raymond graduated with a degree in Digital Design, and now uses his talents as a logo designer for Saturday AM along with being the creator of the Manga series "Bully Eater".


W.S. Colon is an under grad student at the University of Southern New Hampshire specializing in Creative Writing. Wille also serves as a contributor of content on the Saturday AM BLOG Page. He is originally from Puerto Rico and grew up as a military brat. As an adult he has spent 5 years living in the American south,working in austere + solitary conditions as a military contractor. His style of prose could best be described as highly descriptive and bitingly witty. To see more of Wille's work visit http://www.willescolon.com


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