Bully Eater PRINT: "Schoolyard" by Raymond Brown

Bully Eater PRINT: "Schoolyard" by Raymond Brown

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This handsome ART print was crafted exclusively for Saturday AM and was given as a unique win for one of our fans featuring the happiest warrior in all of webcomic-dom, Isao Akia! Both the 8" x 9" and 12" x 18" prints features a border perfect for framing and is reproduced on a white, 100lb, smooth-finish cougar paper stock.

Bullies exist in every society and the genius of Raymond's Bully Eater relies in the spirit of the little guy fighting back. Nothing captures his witty, action-packed manga than this piece of Isao standing defiant in front of his school.

Bully Eater fans UNITE around this excellent, EXCLUSIVE piece of manga art! 

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