Web Ad (the Banners)

Web Ad (the Banners)

from 5.00

Looking for an efficient way to grab attention with viewers of our amazing web-content?

The David and Bruce Banners (lol -- yes, we went there) are traditional horizontal banners which stretch across the top or bottom of comic pages, image files and can serve as "section breaks" for various parts of our website.

To celebrate our 1st week of MARCH ART MADNESS we are offering a discount for a WEEKS WORTH of AD PLACEMENT for www.saturday-am.com/marchmadness

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The content must be PG-13. The location for the hyperlink must be PG-13. We will not communicate or associate with brands, material and/or websites that traffic in extreme content with graphic violence, racist/ bigoted ideology and/or perverse imagery.

If your ad is rejected you will be given a credit to be used for the next available issue. If your second ad is rejected - you will be banned from submitting future ads and your money will be refunded minus a 10% maintenance fee.