Saturday AM Magazine Ads

Saturday AM Magazine Ads

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Our #roadto100 was a MILESTONE and ERA-DEFINING MOMENT.

Saturday AM is the ONLY REGULAR PUBLISHED MANGA STYLE MAGAZINE ANTHOLOGY in ENGLISH around the world and now that it’s FREE on the site (each issue for a limited time) - you can REACH MAJOR FANS OF ANIME, GAMING, COMICS, MOVIES, ART TUTORIALS and MORE!

Advertise in the issue for it’s RETAIL release.



With a full page ad in the World’s MOST DIVERSE SHONEN MANGA ANTHOLOGY, Saturday AM — you're guaranteed to be visible in one of the slickest digital magazines!

Every ad is INTERACTIVE and will lead people to your site and/or product listing online.

Ads are broken down by issue and come in THREE VARIETIES:

  • FRONT (will appear alongside of the comic pages for whatever series is on that issue’s cover).

  • MIDDLE (will run within the middle of the magazine alongside of comics, interviews, and articles).

  • BACK (will appear alongside of the FINAL comic pages to appear at the end of that issue).

  • COMMUNITY PAGES - is a singular page consisting of six small blocks, big enough for logos, 6 word statement (or web address) and/or a central image.

    Ads are PERMANENT unless notified and thus will appear for both SUBSCRIBERS as well as FREE READERS.

  • If you NEED CREATIVE DESIGN for ADS - we can do that for a separate fee.

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We will contact you for additional detail and we will advise WHICH ISSUE WE MAY SLOT YOU INTO.

The content must be PG-13. The location for the hyperlink must be PG-13. We will not communicate or associate with brands, material and/or websites that traffic in extreme content with graphic violence, racist/ bigoted ideology and/or perverse imagery.

If your ad is rejected you will be given a credit to be used for the next available issue. If your second ad is rejected - you will be banned from submitting future ads and your money will be refunded minus a 10% maintenance fee.