Saturday AM Website Ads

Saturday AM Website Ads

from 50.00

Now you can purchase ads for our website for WEEK or MONTH - LONG experiences!

With MARCH ART MADNESS - the opportunity has never been more productive! Our signature event with traffic from comic, anime, and art enthusiasts from AROUND THE WORLD is HERE and you can purchase a SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION rate for a series of MEDIA BLOCKS designed to help you get YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS to 13 - 17 yo primary targets.

The EFFICIENCY AD delivers a simple visual idea or core written message that can inspire the most eyeballs for the least rate.

The STORYTELLER AD offers STRONGER VISUALS and a massive amount of room for TEXT that can EXPLAIN YOUR PRODUCT or SERVICE.

The BLOCKBUSTER AD is our maximum as it offers the PERFECT COMPLEMENT of SPACE VERTICALLY and HORIZONTALLY to ad varying TEXT SIZES as well as a truly STRIKING VISUAL.

The INSTAGRAM STORY AD - runs for 24 hrs and will run 2X a week for a MONTH.

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We will contact you for additional detail.

The content must be PG-13. The location for the hyperlink must be PG-13. We will not communicate or associate with brands, material and/or websites that traffic in extreme content with graphic violence, racist/ bigoted ideology and/or perverse imagery.

If your ad is rejected you will be given a credit to be used for the next available issue. If your second ad is rejected - you will be banned from submitting future ads and your money will be refunded minus a 10% maintenance fee.