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Saturday AM (Shonen styled content), Saturday PM (Seinen styled content), Saturday Brunch (Shojo and more LGBT friendly styled content) and Fanart Friday (Fun anime and manga fanart related content) are some of the diverse digital anthology comic/manga magazines published by our parent company, Myfutprint Entertainment, LLC. These magazines feature manga/comic stories from our series by creators from around the globe, professional articles, interviews and product spotlights centered around entertainment such as comics, manga, animation, film, video games, toys and more! Now you can download our APP finally! for free.


All our manga and comic magazines have several series running stories with ongoing installments inside the respective magazine issues they are published and serialized in. For example, “Series A” would release a set of pages (usually a chapter or part of an ongoing chapter with 7-20 comic/manga pages, in some case more comic/manga pages/content) inside “Magazine A” issue 1 and then “Series A” would continue with the next set of pages inside the next issues of “Magazine A” and so on.

Each series will have installment appearances in back to back issues of the respective magazine they’re serialized in for a whole quarter/season of the year (NOTE: There are 4 quarters/seasons in the year). For example, with all the Saturday AM or Saturday PM magazine issues appearing in a season, the same set of series will run in every issue released during that season consecutively.

Currently, Saturday AM releases at least 3 issues per quarter/season, while Saturday PM and Saturday Brunch release at least 1 issue per season. Other magazines inside the app like Fanart Friday are set for monthly releases.


If you start reading comics or a comic, you like inside one of our digitally diverse magazines and want to start reading it from the beginning or want to catch up to the current up to date installments of the series inside our magazines… Good news! There are several options for you!


A monthly subscription of $3.99 or a yearly subscription of $36.99 will give you access to ALL the issues of EVERY magazine on the app (Including Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Saturday Brunch, Fanart Friday AND! future magazines we’ve yet to launch) As well as updates on the latest issue releases of our magazines and more. This way, you can read all the back issues and every installment of your favorite series inside the respective magazine it belongs to. Our subscription does not include content in our Store Vault section.


On our app, read your favorite series and content knowing that Saturday AM (at least the latest 3 issues) and Fanart Friday’s latest issues are always FREE at release for a limited time, regardless of whether you are a subscriber or not. This way, you can keep up with Saturday AM series without becoming a subscriber. (Saturday PM, Saturday Brunch, future magazines, as well as older issues of Fanart Friday are for subscribers only!) 


Follow our series from the beginning with all new chapter collections in our new Saturday Retro series. Follow along in retro pack, issues collecting about 2-3 chapters of your favorite series. This way, you can use the retro packs of a series to try catching up and becoming up to date with your favorite series inside the respective magazine it belongs to. Saturday Retro packs can be found in the Store Vault section of the app with prices ranging from $0 to $2.99 each.


You can also purchase digital volumes(Tankobons)/multi-chapter collections called Saturday Tanks of at least 7 chapters (160+ comic/manga pages) forming a graphic novel to follow your favorite series once it has enough installments released inside the respective magazine it belongs to. Saturday TANKS are also available inside our Store Vault section with prices ranging from $0 to $6.99 each. This way also allows you to try catching up and becoming up to date with your favorite series inside the respective magazine it belongs to, even faster.

Saturday Tanks are similar to Saturday Retro packs, except they contain way more content (5+ more chapters) and may cost a dollar or two more

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