10 Years With the World’s MOST DIVERSE MANGA brand!

It’s our Anniversary! Queue the music somebody!

That’s right ladies and gents! Saturday AM is celebrating a decade of bad-assery and we are far from done! We want to thank our supporters and our haters ESPECIALLY the haters, cause who gone keep our lights on when it’s cold outside?

You may know Saturday AM for what it is now, a diverse brand with more heat than a gas stove. But like every powerhouse we started as an idea. *plays the Powerpuff Girls intro* You get the point.

We begin our story with Frederick L. Jones, a man with more passion than Thanos! Lol. With a penny and a dream, Frederick saw the exclusivity within the comic book industry and a former gaming executive Frederick decided to start his own comic brand. With the help of Bully Eater creator Raymond Brown and Nigerian Superstar Whyt Manga! Saturday AM was born! Sourcing out the most diverse talent from Nigeria to Hungary; Saturday AM soon became a staple household name!

We began this journey in 2013, it’s now 2023 and we are still standing. Being different will always be followed by stares or mockery. Diversity is a taboo concept STILL in the present day, thanks to white supremacy and brainwashing. Us being a diverse brand cultivated a lot of hate all because we aren’t like anyone else? It’s a lot of losers hating from outside the club who really just want to get in. We set a different dynamic than 95% of our competitors, we want to represent YOU. Everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere and we get it. Comics are read by every demographic. What’s the problem with wanting to create our own?

The importance of our brand is that we aren’t afraid to break barriers and create a space for ourselves. We aren’t welcome in a “normal” space so we created our own. The world isn’t a black and white place; it’s colorful, vibrant and full of spectrums. We have a mission and we will see to it.

We have a special announcement folks! We are having our first in person convention, that’s right you get to meet us in person!
We have a ton of announcements and prizes just for you!

Our very own artists have curated something amazing to commemorate this special event! Please stay tuned to find out!

See you soon folks!

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