PRESS RELEASE: Officially Announces New Label, Saturday AM

Webcomic creators band together for action-focused manga anthology and merchandise to attract new fans.

 Clockwise from Top: Daedalus Bonn (MMWOG); Traveller (Comatose); Vyper Neo (MMWOG); Mango (POSBOTS); Isao (Bully Eater)

Morrisville, NC. – Oct. 25th, 2013 – Digital publisher and four of the world’s most popular webcomic creators today announced Saturday AM, a dedicated brand for original action-packed manga. Saturday AM will consist of a line of digital comic books, merchandise and an interactive website, which will host new and exclusive content. The site will publish creator interviews and detailed character information over the following weeks until the debut of the digital comic on November 23, 2013.

Saturday AM is anchored by five manga-inspired webcomic titles that have garnered acclaim, page views and social media fans from around the globe. Many of the Saturday AM titles (Apple Black; Bully Eater; Comatose; Massively Multiplayer World of GHOSTS and POSBOTS) have generated excitement over the last few years but have lacked professional support for growing the properties into successful franchises. The team behind Saturday AM will work to develop promising new talent as well as ensure that creators earn a living from their intellectual property.

Saturday AM’s website offers archived editions of webcomics, video tutorials and more. A line of T-shirts will debut in late 2013 with specially designed illustrations to attract new fans to the medium. The digital comic, launching November 23, will consist of exclusive new stories of popular action-packed titles that will help to create regular, paying customers.

“I am so excited for the launch of Saturday AM,” said Odunze Oguguo (a.k.a. Whyt Manga), creator of Apple Black. “I hope our work will excite readers and also inspire other webcomic creators.”

“I’ve wanted to create Saturday AM since I was an executive in the video game business” said Frederick L. Jones, Creator of Massively Multiplayer World of GHOSTS and Founder of “I think that the next great phenomenon like Batman or Pokemon will come from webcomics and crafted Saturday AM to be a place where new creators can flourish.”

Saturday AM is a subsidiary label of Fans can visit for more information about the brand and the creators.

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About MYFUTPRINT is a digital publisher founded by Frederick L. Jones, a former video game executive. The publisher strives to discover and assist in the development of new brands built for modern connected consumers. Saturday AM is both a dedicated marketing label and a comic book anthology devoted to action-oriented webcomics inspired by the manga art form. Massively Multiplayer World of GHOSTS is a manga title, featured within Saturday AM, which stars a teenager, Nilay Rao, who battles against video game characters who seek to rule the world.


Apple Black, created by Odunze Oguguo, is action-adventure set in an alternate universe. The story revolves around Sano, a young sorcerer blessed by Merlin (a.k.a. god of sorcery) to bring harmony to the world while being haunted by nightmares about the mystery surrounding his father’s demise.


Bully Eater by Raymond Brown is a fast-paced, action-comedy that thrills in every issue. In this comic, bullying is not just a serious issue but also a deadly one when the bullies are superhuman martial artists! The story follows high schooler Isao Akia and a fellow band of friends who battle for supremacy.


COMATOSE by Wally Nguyen is a neuro sci-fi filled with drama, action and adventure. The story follows a paranoid teenager named Jack Phoenix who leads an ordinary yet miserable life. Little does Jack know that within his mind is the key to a universe beyond human imagination, where powerful forces are waiting to tear at the fabric of reality.


POSBOTS by Eric Michael Ella is an action-comedy featuring intergalactic delivery robots. No delivery is too dangerous for the POSBOTS, codenamed Mango and Marshmellow. Featuring wildly original designs, POSBOTS combine fun, action and adventure in every issue!, Massively Multiplayer World of GHOSTS and Saturday AM © 2013 Frederick L. Jones.

Apple Black © 2013 Odunze Oguguo

Bully Eater © 2013 Raymond Brown

Comatose © Wally Nguyen

POSBOTS © 2013 Eric Michael Ella


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