Eric Michael Ella’s POSBOTS is not just one of Saturday AM’s ORIGINAL action manga’s — but it’s the debut of a project that the artist has had brewing for years,

After he successfully helped to launch Frederick L. Jones’  MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER WORLD OF GHOSTS then it made sense to re-cast the creator’s funnest and most personable work as the flagship property of his new manga anthology.

Excited yet? Maybe this trailer (again–showing off the many talents of Eric Michael Ella) will help hold your thirst until Saturday AM #1 hits on 11.23.2013

In fact, every week until 11.23.2013–there will be NEW CONTENT from one of our signature comics–expect the reveal of MMWOG’s home page this week (10.31.2013) and next week is the debut of the awesome APPLE BLACK home page (11.5.2013)!


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