POLL TIME: How about a little Horror in Saturday?

Walking Dead V. aot v. deathnote.jpg

Now with the Holidays having passed and the new ones coming, we know that many people (rightfully so) are happy, peaceful and merry. 

But, we can’t stop thinking about that latest episode of Walking Dead or when the announcement regarding the anime return for Attack on Titan will finally happen!! Hell, for that matter, Deathnote and the incredible pencils of Tsugumi Ohba-san are not only masterpieces of the manga art-form but they leave many people salivating at the idea of a possible return.

Blame Frederick L. Jones who not only loves all three properties but as the head of MyFutprint and publisher of Saturday AM is hopeful that one day we can discover the next cool property like that. It does beg the question of why webcomics have yet to deliver a cool horror experience that can rival (in its’ own way) those types of stories.

If you know of one hot horror webcomic–we’d love to profile it. Feel free to e-mail us at info@saturday-am.com and advise of the web address where we can find it.

Walking Dead, Attack on Titan and Deathnote–which property do YOU like the best?



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