Eric Michael Ella's POSBOTS is not just one of Saturday AM's ORIGINAL action manga's -- but it's the debut of a project that the artist has had brewing for years,

After he successfully helped to launch Frederick L. Jones'  MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER WORLD OF GHOSTS then it made sense to re-cast the creator's funnest and most personable work as the flagship property of his new manga anthology.

Excited yet? Maybe this trailer (again--showing off the many talents of Eric Michael Ella) will help hold your thirst until Saturday AM #1 hits on 11.23.2013

In fact, every week until 11.23.2013--there will be NEW CONTENT from one of our signature comics--expect the reveal of MMWOG's home page this week (10.31.2013) and next week is the debut of the awesome APPLE BLACK home page (11.5.2013)!