Frederick gets his BAM on! Part 1 of the Epic Interview

Frederick L. Jones, Publisher of Saturday AM, gives his first epic interview to one of manga webcomic world’s most accomplished voices, Mustayaki of How2Bam and iPodoboy fame!

It’s been exactly five months since this amazing webcomic revolution began! To think that the online comic world didn’t think that people would ever agree to PAY for original manga content from non-Japanese creators?? Saturday AM is proof that the world of talent that exists can not only compete but succeed at creating a sustainable, financially secure opportunity for the creator who truly aspires to create something unique.  

We still have a LONG WAY TO GO (let’s say we’ll be a LITTLE satisfied when the Apple Black anime, Bully Eater movie and Comatose gallery exhibit happens–as well as Saigami, Afternoon Web-X and everything else we got ;) and as we approach our 6th issue (featuring an ALL-NEW APPLE BLACK cover by Whyt Manga) and an amazing interview on the RONA PROJECT — we hope that all of you will continue to support us with SUBSCRIPTIONS (now w/ Paypal!), T-SHIRTS and YOUR OWN ORIGINAL SUBMISSIONS!

For now, please check out this fantastic interview — Part 1 Focuses on Frederick’s work in creating his company, MyFutprint and the first Saturday AM title, Massively Multiplayer World of GHOSTS. And watch both parts for details on a special contest!


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