Frederick goes BAM on the competition: Part 2 of the Epic interview

After the in-depth examination (Part 1) of the process for creating manga webcomics like MMWOG, MyFutprint founder and Saturday AM publisher, Frederick L. Jones and iPodoboy creator, Mustayaki, continue their conversation. Part 2 looks at the details and future of Saturday AM and the economics of creating webcomics (i.e. making a living at something that is usually free).

If you are not checking out the amazing HOW 2 BAM then you owe it to yourself to do so immediately. He has some of the slickest Youtube videos focused no creativity and digital artists and has landed some fantastic interviews like that of our very own, Whyt Manga, creator of APPLE BLACK. Stay tuned for a future interview with another of our awesome creators, Andrea Otilia Voros (Seny) of SAIGAMI! 

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