If you missed our last TEST FLIGHT, an amateur competition for manga enthusiasts and webcomic creators, then what are you waiting for?? The talent levels are rising and the competition is getting downright explosive!

Watch the video here!

Aside from being one of our absolute BEST EPISODES of our Youtube series, SATURDAY Q&A — this PILOT Manga contest is showing that our little revolution has some of the most incredible and original manga content anywhere online!

Hats off to our newest winners: Trey Delvon Mack (Writer version) and Alvaro Sanchez Byrne who tied with Christopher Krady  on the artist/ writer version.

But that was last month’s TEST FLIGHT—now let’s discuss….


SUBMISSIONS must include content across one of three genres:




Tell your story across ten pages of story and art OR just story if you are submitting solely as a writer. The concepts and characters MUST BE YOUR ORIGINAL WORK.

(yes– if your work is not within these genres-you may STILL submit but preference and time will be given to those entries which are within the three chosen genres).

Submissions must include the following:

  • Complete 10-pg story with a beginning, middle and end.

    • DO NOT present a story that does not provide more information on your manga webcomic’s overall storyline. 

  • Four sets of Turnarounds featuring: Hero, Villain, Supporting character and any other character or device (i.e. weapon, vehicle) you choose:

    • Writers–will submit a full paragraph on each of the four items that accurately describe the characters’ appearance, personality and back-story.

  • An AD (i.e. banner ad or full page ad) that features your series complete with a strong marketing phrase that helps to sell the idea of your series.

    • For writers– please describe the ad in detail (including size dimensions) and advise where you would advertise your work and why (be realistic with your options).

  • Conduct a 4 question interview with yourself that asks/ answers following (choose from the following questions):

    • How quickly can you produce a page of content – drawn, inked and lettered?

    • What is your story about?

    • Why will your comic succeed vs. the other many webcomics on the market?

    • Which of MyFutprint’s magazines best reflect your series (i.e. Saturday AM, Saturday PLUS or Afternoon Web-X)?

    • What series (i.e. manga, anime or Western comic book) most influenced your work?

    • How long will your series run?

    • What do you need to improve upon to have your manga webcomic be the best version of your vision?

    • What method do you currently work? Digital or Traditional? Describe the process?

While you cannot be disqualified — the only prizes will be given out to those who FOLLOW ALL OF THE RULES.


1. Create a FREE Dropbox account

2. Create a folder called TEST FLIGHT FEBRUARY YOUR NAME (i.e. Kyrie, Bobby, Bub–whatever your name is)

3. Upload your pages (i.e. written, comic or text) ONE BY ONE into the folder (we will not unzip your files).

4. SHARE the folder (not files and not folderS) to info@saturday-am.com

5. Entries must be received by Monday February 9th at 11:59pm EST


There WILL be a prize from our Saturday TANKS which include either APPLE BLACK Vol. I or the soon to release SAIGAMI Vol. I — OR a new subscription to Saturday AM — in the event of an outright winner–so follow the rules and spend time on your work.

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