Artwork from members of PILOT Manga (Clockwise from left) - Kenshaw Michaud, Cthulu Hernandez, Brandon Treadway, Stephanie Snow Lewis and Noah Webster.

Artwork from members of PILOT Manga (Clockwise from left) – Kenshaw Michaud, Cthulu Hernandez, Brandon Treadway, Stephanie Snow Lewis and Noah Webster.

It’s been a few months…

We’ve run through some amazing new artists, new series and new projects but we’re not done yet!

Saturday AM is rolling on like thunder (Issue #33 hits this weekend) and our hit manga webcomics like APPLE BLACK, SAIGAMI, SPOON, STORYBOOK and BULLY EATER have been joined by PILOT Manga alums like Leonardo Massip (ISLANDERS) and Frederick Ward (COMET MAN).

Not only is Saturday AM rolling on but we just brought back our sister magazine anthology, ala Shonen Jump, Saturday PLUS — which profiles and provides a field test of the next great manga webcomics. PLUS now is carrying romance tale OTOME LIFE; spy/ superhero saga EXPLOSION JOE and more manga soon to come that feature DIVERSE global amateur talent.

Likewise, we’ve expanded our storefront into a Marketplace that includes the widest range of OFFICIAL SATURDAY AM PRODUCTS as well as new graphic visions from amateur talent.


now it’s time for us to discover the NEXT SUPERSTAR. When we created PILOT Manga it was to help us allow for easier submissions from new talent into Saturday AM. We then created Test Flights as a means to deliver specific means to review and challenge the abilities of up and coming writers and artists. We knew that diversity works best when it’s on display alongside of other entries.

After more than a year, we’ve discovered some amazing new creators and launched awesome independent comicbooks and webcomics. 


We’re producing a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL for the entire Saturday AM experience. The Christmas special will be a 50+ page book including NEW, ORIGINAL SHORT STORIES from creators ranging from Raymond Brown, Andrea Voros, Leonaro Massip, Whyt Manga and more!!

And it’s going to include YOU!!


  • GENRE: ANY genre is acceptable with special interest applied to SLICE OF LIFE; MECHA; and SPORTS.

  • SHORT STORY PAGE COUNT: 2 minimum / 5 maximum

  • SHORT STORY CONTENT: A original short story or scene that features your main character/hero, villain and world setting (i.e. can be indoor or outdoor, preference given to having both).

  • ILLUSTRATIONS: Three pieces of original art — COVER for your short story, Turnaround featuring your hero OR villain (whichever is the best design) and finally, an AD (728×90) that would be used to promote your comic.

  • 1-PAGE DESCRIPTION / SYNOPSIS: Provide a pitch; explain your story’s concept and plot and detail what you would do with your series in a first chapter.


  • Please send your material in as .doc and/or jpgs.

  • Please send your material into us at info@saturday-am.com via Dropbox.

  • Please send your material into us by 11:59pm on October 17th, 2015.


  • Winning entries will be published in the SATURDAY AM 2015 Christmas Special to be published in December 2015

  • Winning entries will receive a FREE Digital copy of the FULL Saturday AM 2015 Christmas Special.

  • Everyone who enters will receive a FREE (BASIC) SUBSCRIPTION and/or 2014 SEASON PACK.

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