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Thanks to CHAMELEON ART PRODUCTS for their support of this Year’s MARCH ART MADNESS! Need art supplies — go check our their HIGH-END, DURABLE MARKERS, PENS, and COLOR TOPS!

We began with 64 artists (broken into TEAMS of FOUR) going MANO-A-MANO over 5 weeks of art battles with changing THEMES should they survive each single elimination bout.

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MARCH ART MADNESS 2019 Round 3 was truly something special and not just because the SWEET SIXTEEN ARTISTS are some of the most exciting illustrators from around the world but because of the THEME! The NCAA March Madness event for College Basketball is one of the BIGGEST SPORTING EVENTS in the USA (especially this year with Duke University’s ZION WILLIAMSON). Yes, for the third year in a row — the inspiration for our FAN ART TOURNAMENT has a CROSSOVER with our global group of diverse artists who are tasked with DRAWING the college basketball mascots.

Furthermore, should the team they draw WIN during the basketball tournament then they will get BONUS POINTS. This is crucial as we saw with the ROUND 2 RESULTS — victory can be by a mere point or two. And with the Basketball tournament producing some SHOCKING RESULTS — there were some GREAT ART that had very few bonus points.

So, let’s have a look at a few of the amazing illustrations by the remaining artists featuring college basketball icons like UNC Tarheels, Gonzaga Bulldogs, Kentucky Wildcats, Michigan State Spartans, and more! We have them separated by TEAM – 1st up, is APPLE BLACK.

GORGEOUS right? You better believe it — now here are the results. @Jasonas263 benefited from maximum double points (10pts for early entry and 20pts for drawing two mascots who teams won Twice over the weekend):

Extraordinary matches in TEAM CLOCK STRIKER!! @Ambarnarutofrek1 was ranked #1 pre-tournament and came in as a FINALIST in the 2018 March ART Madness but @GeorgeoBrooks overwhelmingly impressed with his dynamic PURDUE BOILERMAKER mascot ARTISTICALLY. He lost on TEAM WIN POINTS and did NOT gain ANY EXTRA POINTS on EARLY ENTRY – but GREAT DYNAMIC ART is ALWAYS THE STRONGEST WAY TO WIN.

Team SAIGAMI was a surprising group. Another PRE-TOURNAMENT FAVORITE and FORMER FINALIST in a Previous March ART Madness – @Mokemonk from South Africa was defeated by another finalist – @J_T_LUCAS. Mokemonk has been in a few of our tournaments and is always impressive but getting passed round 3 or 4 has proven difficult for her and unfortunately, her opponent has been top-ranked every round this year. For Teaspoonarts and Adrian Art XV — two new creators and despite strong efforts throughout the tournament – they received some of the fewest votes for any of this year’s groups.

A tough group with tough match ups. Every artist got their work in early and ALL of them got bonus points for their team winning and this had some of the highest vote turnout for public voting. Ultimately, the BEST art was what won. Rachalmbradyart is worth noting as she has gone from strength to strength each week — will she win Team BULLY EATER next week?


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