Apple Black Volume 3 and Remasters Update! Letter from Whyt.


Apple Black Volume Remasters explanation from me… Whyt Manga to you… the fans. First, I hope you guys stay safe and then read my NEW Apple Black Retro pack which contains Chapters 1, 1.1 and 1.2 on our Saturday AM mobile app! Manga pages made in CLIP STUDIO PAINT, sponsors of Saturday AM March Art Madness2020. Now, “What exactly are these remasters?”.

The Remasters are new editions of the same the Apple Black volumes but with remastered/cleaned-up/improved art, grammar, dialogue, etc all to enhance the overall reading experience, and I think I achieved that as best as I could while keeping the story going relatively down the same path. Volume 2 Remasters are mainly just a few modifications and improvements here and there with 6 extra pages for chapter 11. Volume 1 however, has 2 new chapters (1.1 & 1.2) in between chapters 1 & 2. It also has 2 new pages in chapter 9 and a new double spread of guild in chapter 1.


These chapters and new pages, all together 60+ pages, explore and develop the lead character Sano Bengote Tamashii further with the possibilities of what would happen if he fails at his goals and lets the visions of vengeance consume him. Read Chapter 1 FREE on the website where I touch on this a bit. It also explores new characters where it can like Opal Wantmore and Obinna especially. We get Mikael testing Sano! the early stages of an Opal and Sano friendship and More! Other important reasons for all this is a better introduction to the series overall, better explanations of the world, the Eli prophecy? How wands and cloaks worked here? Teases as to what Sano’s Arodihs arm is exactly and more! and I also put in some info pages for good measure.

I’ve always wanted to make my volumes stronger with a better first impression overall! and now to also compete with other popular series in the stores, the remasters had to be done asap (even though stores and almost everything right is feeling the heat because of lockdown). The remasters aren’t the KickStarter Perfect Edition Tanks/tankobons/volumes. PE tanks still use the remasters but with a traditional manga book size (smaller), exclusive content (concept art, author interviews, etc), colored pages printed in COLOR with more colored pages! and more!

It’s all coming together, slowly but surely, especially with all the craziness going on. Thanks for the patience! This slowed production on Vol. 3: Holy Spectre but it’s been worth it 100%. This is also good for new readers. I’ve learned a lot from this experience & so Volume .3 is better for it! One chapter from Apple Black volume 3 has already run inside the Saturday AM magazine here and you guys seemed to enjoy it.

Overall, Apologies for the inconvenience and I hope y’all understand the explanation. I can also tell who is a super OG fan from the edition they have, which warms my cold heart. BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE SUPPORTERS! Any questions or thoughts are welcome.


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