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Now that we are on a deserved break *we return with new SATURDAY AM issues on 8/22* — we have a simple question for you?

FROM ISSUE #30 with oversize APPLE BLACK chapter.

FROM ISSUE #30 with oversize APPLE BLACK chapter.

DID YOU GET ISSUE #30 yet?? 

What about ISSUE #29???


You know it’s got to be good when issue #30 has a COVER and EXTRA LONG INSTALLMENT of the MOST POPULAR ACTION MANGA WEBCOMIC — APPLE BLACK by Whyt Manga!

And both issues feature the BEST EXCLUSIVE ARTISTS and COMICS and while Whyt Manga is our biggest—Raymond Brown’s BULLY EATER, Andrea Voros’ SAIGAMI and Leonardo Massip’s ISLANDERS are significant indy comicbook series with key installments this issue. 

Remember, while you can READ OLDER chapters of SAIGAMI and APPLE BLACK for FREE on the site or get the collected edition (Saturday TANKS have new content) for a low price—only NEW episodes are available via subscription.

A Saturday PLUS preview consisting of the NEXT BIG SERIES TO APPEAR IN SATURDAY AM. Issue #8 arrives this weekend and this is your first sneak peek of EXPLOSION JOE, OTOME LIFE and CHAINED [black].

The BLERDS (our first manga gag strip) Preview in issue #30—which we’ll be running very soon!!

Likewise, check out the sneak preview of our first horror title, think (Walking Dead or Attack on Titan) NO To Heaven  –within issue #29!

So, how can we prove these issues — hell, our entire revolution of manga webcomics as a global version of Shonen magazines like Weekly Shonen Jump and Weekly Shonen Sunday — are the BOMB??

Well, if our commitment to diversity both from creators and characters don’t do it and our consistency (30 issues is no joke folks)–then…

and— wait, if it doesn’t count that we have on average more content than the average American comicbook per issue and charge a dollar less ($1.99 vs. 2.99 or even $3.99 for 20 pages) nor our BEST DEAL IN COMICS — twenty issues of our amazing manga anthology Saturday AM for just $5/ yr!!!

then what can we….do….hmmmm


How about FREE COPIES??

We are making a few copies available now for FREE. There are not many — so first come, first served!



Now, we have set a limited number aside here but if you promote Saturday AM on social media sites (i.e. Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and any others that are viable with manga, comicbook and webcomic readers)–then we MAY increase the number of FREE DOWNLOADS.

So get to it!! Read it, share it and promote it because our revolution has taken whole around the world with fans out of AFRICA, ASIA, S. and N. AMERICA and EUROPE!! That means–keep it up and help us show that manga can and IS so much more!

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