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SPOON (C) David Yoon 2014 / Art by Raymond Brown

SPOON (C) David Yoon 2014 / Art by Raymond Brown

So, as we wrap up this week’s momentous set of announcements –we want to leave with one of the most famous battle manga webcomics around: SPOON. You can read TWENTY CHAPTERS of the comedic, action-fantasy hyrid right now for FREE! David Yoon is a webcomic artist’s artist. Incredibly friendly, passionate and determined, David has actually attempted Spoon a few times before he found his mojo with this most recent stint.


And what mojo! SPOON’s first chapter is literally one of the best first chapters of any webcomic as it does all of the things that good fiction should do: Introduce the lead character; establish a plot; hint at subplots; offer conflict and deliver a solid resolution (not a cliffhanger!) The MyFutprint founder & Saturday AM publisher, Frederick L. Jones, has recommended that many webcomic creators of varying artistic skill still review the work of SPOON by David Yoon as a perfect example of how to do an opening manga chapter.

spoon slap.jpg

We at Saturday AM could not be more honored to finish this week’s debut’s of awesome FREE manga like Storybook and Rough House with one of the longest-running webcomics in SPOON. Want more info on this ass-kicking utensil? Then you will want to check out the HOME PAGE for more info (it will update over time with more characters and background info) and the SPOON manga archive which will launch every Friday at 1pm EST.

Be on the lookout for Chapter 21  EXCLUSIVELY today 1pm EST.

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