Artwork by Wally Nguyen, Storybook (c) Andrew Sterling 2014

Artwork by Wally Nguyen, Storybook (c) Andrew Sterling 2014

There are many people asking WHAT is Afternoon Web-X and WHY is Saturday AM making such a big deal about it?

The answer is really simple — “we love manga webcomics by new creators!” 

Saturday AM is full of kick-ass action manga and we are committed to providing the highest quality digital comics on the market. That said, when Frederick L. Jones started MyFutprint and then developed Saturday AM, the idea was always to showcase the newest talent. In Japan, manga publishers like Kodansha and Shueisha have multiple brands with which they release new content. For every Weekly Shonen Jump there is Weekly Young Jump (not in English though) and so on for each genre.


Afternoon Web-X is our recognition that there are some GREAT WEBCOMICS that deserve to be seen and given a chance to find an audience.

Our mantra is that they must be original, fun and frequent–hence why we tag this line as FUN. MANGA. DAILY. The best part is that they are FREE!

What better way to recharge your batteries in the afternoon than with a kick-ass dose of action manga?

Starting today— you can read TWENTY FOUR CHAPTERS of the epic STORYBOOK! Andrew Sterling’s terrific fantasy story line has the whimsy and complexity of the master Eiichiro Oda’s ONE-PIECE and we at Saturday AM could not be more honored to carry one of the webcomics with the best type of adventure—the FUN KIND. Wally Nguyen of COMATOSE committed a cool new image to honor the launch and we hope that you will check out the HOME PAGE for more info on this daring new world (it will update over time with more characters and background info) and the STORYBOOK COMICS ARCHIVE which will launch every Monday at 1pm EST.

Be on the lookout for Chapter 25 (all-new) EXCLUSIVELY today 1pm EST.

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