Preview: Agents of SHIELD Returns Sept 23

After a rocky start, Agents of SHIELD ended their first season strongly. The show finally built some momentum—thanks a lot to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. After the events within the Marvel Universe, HYDRA has taken over and will be the clear villain for next season. Grant is fully on HYDRA’s side and Kraken will be introduced as the new baddie. This season appears to be an underdog story where SHIELD is a government target. The agency has been driven underground and Coulson, as director, will need to rebuild it completely. With the demise of SHIELD, all relationships are fractured, especially since many were very close/intimate with Grant. I have a feeling, though, Fitz will take Grant’s betrayal the hardest. 

There will be a bunch of new characters and some returning, which equals some amazingly awesome guest stars. Lucy Lawless will appear as Agent Isabelle Hartley, and she may be a possible love interest for Coulson. The coolest fanboy—Patton Oswalt—returns! Also, a slew of recognizable comic characters will pop up in season two. Adrianne Palicki is Mockingbird, Nick Blood will play Hunter, and Brian Patrick Wade is to be seen as Crusher Creel (aka the Absorbing Man). These new characters will be an interesting addition to a team of broken individuals. Each character is really at his/her emotional low so it will be a dramatic, action packed journey up. I am team Fitz-Simmons for season two…it’s obvious Fitz did not die, but will they act on the romantic confessions? I have no doubt Coulson will be able to succeed as director of SHIELD, as long as his alien tendencies are under control. We may get some hints as to Chloe’s true identity with a possible comic book tie in. I am actually not pining for answers to Chloe’s past but admit some slight interest (especially if alien–Skrulls?) 

The billboard campaign for the show’s return is so subtle yet irresistible. The ad just shows those creepy alien writings lines that look like connect the dots. The series can really only get better after last season. It also helps there is no other Marvel movie coming out this remaining year. The show can focus on telling its own story and propelling the audience into Avengers: Age of Ultron. I have high hopes for a show that struggled last season.


The show has so many great things going for it: HYDRA, strong cast, and top notch showrunners/writers but can it take on BATMAN over at GOTHAM on Fox?

By Kasey Michael-a lover of all things entertainment. Born and bred in North Carolina, she can usually be found in front of a screen.

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