#summerofmanga continues thanks to Andrea Voros!

Since Saturday AM started back in 2013, our manga anthology has always stood for DIVERSITY. What so many have misunderstood however is just what DIVERSITY means…

It’s not just RACE.

Or Gender.

Or Sexual Orientation.

satam-facebookcover_66 copy.jpg

It’s a commitment to the idea that EVERYONE who is willing to FIGHT for THEIR VOICE gets to have a seat at the table.

Unfortunately, it seems a few people have misunderstood the lesson we started back in the day. You see Saturday AM is about more than the individual.


Saturday AM has always supported independent creators and always will. Our #summerofmanga event is all about uncovering new, exciting, and talented new artists from around the world! Have YOU submitted your entry?

Check out the RULES here…

Watch this VIDEO from SAIGAMI creator Andrea Otilia Voros on our goal to get MORE DIVERSE CREATORS and for what it means to be a member of our popular brand.


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