Announcing Saturday RETRO

Well, we seemed to really excite folks with our latest announcement about our new amateur PILOT manga project: TEST RUN.

That the new series will not just give another opportunity for serious manga webcomic talent to be given a chance to test themselves  but will also sit alongside our line of FREE webcomics, (Afternoon Web-X) is growing. 

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve expanded AFTERNOON WEB-X to include not just solidly entertaining manga works like David Yoon’s SPOON but vividly drawn new titles like Z FOREVER by Mark Reid. 

How could we possibly top that level of awesomeness?

What if we could take your FAVORITE MANGA from Saturday AM and make them FREE?

Wait..not FREE FREE–let’s not get crazy folks. We have the BEST. DEAL. IN. COMICS. already so why would we do anything like take APPLE BLACK and make it free? 

No—we want though to give you a chance to experience the Web-X way of delivering webcomics by making LAST YEAR’S EXCLUSIVE CONTENT of hits like SAIGAMI, BULLY EATER and more-–FREE as we serialize those pages onto the WEB-X platform. 

If you want the latest adventures of these series—there is only one way—which is to SUBSCRIBE (starting at just $5/ yr) or BUY any of our expanding line of collected graphic novels called Saturday TANKS.

That’s why we proudly introduce SATURDAY RETRO!

The best way to experience the classic older adventures of the hottest manga webcomics!

For specifics on series and dates check back here only on

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