We know you LOVE our PILOT Manga program with its’ monthly TEST FLIGHT contests–but we also recognize that some talented folks want to express themselves in other ways.  

Thus we are PROUD to launch the TEST RUN series — coming to AFTERNOON WEB-X. This project will DIFFER in some key ways from PILOT Manga:

  1. This is 15 pages maximum plus a cover.
  2. Your timeline to complete is three weeks. 
  3. The stories must be complete…meaning we will not accept part 1 of your planned magnum opus.  
  4. We will offer minimum feedback — your work instead will be judged mostly via the consumer/ visitor to our site. 

As always, YOU OWN YOUR WORK. That being said, the work will be expected to be EXCLUSIVELY on our site for 30 days. Likewise, you STILL MUST JOIN PILOT Manga–to be considered.

Again, the difference from PILOT Manga is you get more pages, superior feedback and critique from the creators of Saturday AM and we will market you as one of our own via Saturday PLUS.

We are SUPER EXCITED about this process and are looking forward to some tremendously creative entries.


Stay tuned for the DEBUT COMIC to appear within TEST RUN!

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