Apple Black & Hammer Vol. 2 Graphic Novels are coming!

Whats up party people?!

Where I’ve been?! Oh, nothing I just went on vacation to the Big Apple, seen some crazy sh*t but I’m back because who doesn’t love their favorite firecracker host at Saturday AM? Speaking of crazy sh*t, can you believe Apple Black and Hammer Volume 2 are coming out this fall?!

Winter is coming my people, you’d better bundled up for the blizzard called Saturday AM. This means we get more of Sano and friends and Stud’s whimsical adventures!  The saga continues as we dive further into each universe.

If you aren’t a fan of these graphic novels then why are you in my presence? Who do you think you are? How dare you try to sit with us!

If you haven’t purchased our novels already please do! We are online and in bookstores near you! Leave us a review it’ll save a puppy. We are here for you, so why not have our backs as well?

This wraps up our time together! Will Sano save everyone? Will Stud solve the case? Tune in to the next episode of Saturday AM!





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