Apple Black V4 Is Here!

The Night is Nigh everyone! That’s right the stellar series Apple Black has just dropped another volume! Apple Black V4: Holy Spectre and I heard through the grapevine this is Whyt Manga鈥檚 best debut volume yet!

While you all are eating your helpings of Thanksgiving food, you should be Black Friday shopping like me! I HIGHLY encourage you to add this volume to your cart something about it screams GOLD.

Our beloved Sano is taking a turn with his own ideologies, who doesn’t love a good internal conflict? Will he become the savior of us all, or has his beliefs shifted as Black Bottom Island rages in chaos? I can’t tell you a thing but if you’re a fan of Whyt Manga you should already have this shipping to your mailbox.

Did you guys see the cover? It’s giving hellfire! 馃敟馃敟Someone call the fire department!



We have a quick sneak peek of our upcoming interview with the man himself coming in our next issue. take a look!

How would you say your skills have improved from creating four volumes?

“I’ve storyboarded pages better, written better dialogue, and had even more fun with the ideas of the world I’ve built. Artwise, I chose to be more audacious more often, and It worked out. I’ve also created a great team of assistants that make me more efficient.”

What can we expect next in volume 5?

“Fans can expect significant character development for our main cast, a new unique wand, and an arc that’s a staple in Shonen manga: A TOURNAMENT ARC!”

You gotta collect these volumes like Pokemon, sit tight to see what we have in store next!

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