Saturday AM Review: Batman: Assault on Arkham


The new  the type of animation that takes a little liberty with its source material while at the same time making it palatable to the viewing audience. It’s the type of Batman feature animated film that doesn’t feature Batman as the star of the film. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? The people behind the film really pull a bait and switch on its’ fans, but by god if it wasn’t the right move.  It’s the type of film that focuses on the supporting characters, and gives them some shine, (minus the black guy of course) it is the type of film that plays on the insecurities of major characters involved (Joker), and its voice acting delivers with a balance of power that most animated features seem to lack. 

The scenes where Batman takes on Taskforce X, (aka Suicide Squad to comic heads) are extremely well done, and speak to the place Batman holds within the greater DC universe. Another fantastic thing to take note about the film is that it harkens back to the really shiny stuff that make heist films awesome. There’s a little bit of “Heat,” channeled in there for sure. There’s a little bit of Ocean’s Eleven too. Especially with the stylized manner in which Taskforce X is introduced to the overall story.

You’ve got Deadshot who is probably the closest thing this film has as a protagonist. There’s Harley Quinn who occupies the realm of crazy bombshell. Then there’s Killer Frost, who has the elemental game on lockdown. She’s also designed quite well too. There’s Captain Boomerang who serves as the resident douche. Black Spider who’s there as the token black guy, and doesn’t really have too much going except that he puts some serious martial arts on Batman at one point. Then last but not least there’s King Shark who occupies the resident powerhouse position, and one of my favorites due to his dialogue an interactions with the rest of the crew.

You would think that the film is about Batman considering the title bears his name. Definitely a mistake to think so, as Batman seems to occupy a space where he’s more of a force of nature. It’s done really well to be honest. It’s the same with Joker. 

One of my favorite aspects of the film is this sordid love triangle that seems to develop between Deadshot, Harley, and Joker. All of this, when Joker cuts loose inside of Arkham Asylum too.

It behooves me to let you all know that this is not a kid’s animated movie.

As there is a lot of action violence, sex, and even death. I could easily see this movie being a rated R based off content alone. But the fact that it has a pg13 rating shows just how far the envelope can be pushed.

It is a testament to the writing and pacing of the film. Screenwriter Heath Corson brings together the video game world of the Arkham games while also putting a group of B, and C-list villains to the forefront with little to no issues at all. The Suicide Squad are lush and full of life and I often found myself completely engaged with their Interactions amongst each other. Even Amanda Waller, their handler occupied a special place within my heart. That sort of naggy overseer that you want to punch in the face. 

So yeah, we here at Saturday-AM highly recommend this title.

Saturday AM score:


+Superb voice acting
+Amazing fight sequences 
+Batman & Joker used to perfection
+Under used characters finally put to great use l.

-Black Spider was the weakest link and needed more screen time. 

Wille, ( the e is silent) S. Colon is a Ninja with a Black Belt in wordplay, he specializes in creative fiction and making the world a safer place from whack emcees.

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