Behind the Shift: Black Clover Moves to Jump GIGA

Recent news has revealed that BLACK CLOVER, following its extended hiatus, will shift to Jump GIGA to wrap up its final arc. In the August 21, 2023 edition of Weekly Shonen Jump 38, the transfer of “Black Clover,” the brainchild of Yūki Tabata, to Jump GIGA magazine was confirmed. Shonen Jump’s official Twitter also made the announcement:

So, what’s Jump Giga?

It’s a quarterly sibling publication to Weekly Shonen Jump. The magazine often showcases Weekly Shonen Jump spin-offs, short serials, one-shots, and various promotional materials like posters, stickers, and bonus chapters.

What’s the implication of this move? Why the transition?

Typically, a move to Giga offers creators more flexibility between chapters. Various factors like health, family responsibilities, or other personal reasons might necessitate such a switch. This does not insinuate a decline in the series’ quality or a downgrade for the creator. It’s simply an avenue for those who wish to sidestep the intense pressure of weekly manga deadlines. Yūki Tabata expressed his sentiments:

“I’m so sorry for not being able to end the series in Weekly Shonen Jump. But I believe that in GIGA, I will be able to end the series in a manner that matches my current drawing pace and is much better for my health. I will do my best to conclude Black Clover in the most satisfying way possible. I know I am making you wait a little bit, but I promise to return to GIGA in the winter in a powered-up form, so please look forward to reading about Asta’s next adventure. Thank you for everything!”

At Saturday AM, we truly grasp the intense rigor of the manga creation process and firmly advocate for a balanced approach between health and creative expression. Kudos to Yūki Tabata for his dedication, and we eagerly await the continuation of Black Clover!

To stay updated, check out the official chapters and their translations HERE.

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