Behind the Stories: Reactions to Issue 158

Greetings everyone! Our Summer of Manga 23′ is well underway, and we’re eagerly anticipating our second issue, which will feature the remaining creators from this year. Issue 158 introduced us to some extraordinary stories, like SCARLET VAGABOND, NAUGHTY LIST, and EN-GARDE-N, just to name a few. We were genuinely astounded by the outstanding work they presented.

A couple of months ago, our team meticulously reviewed the pitches, offering insights into the narratives’ core concepts, strengths, and potential areas of improvement. For a deeper dive, you can watch our detailed coverage on our YouTube channel linked below:


Following the release of Issue 158, we reached out to the esteemed artists and creators of Saturday AM for their perspectives on the finalized pieces. We managed to catch up with the remarkable JeyOdin, the mastermind behind HAMMER. Here’s what he had to say about the one-shots and stories from our most recent edition:

“This year’s Summer of Manga was pretty cool. Like every year, this event brings in more and more promising manga artist from around the world, and I can totally see one or more of the artist from this batch working with us in the future.

I personally enjoyed 3 stories in this issue the most, those being The Curse that swallowed Kamamori, Scarlett Vagabond, and En-Garde-N. The other short stories were also fun to read, it’s a great issue, so check it out if you haven’t, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite entry, so the artist and story tellers can get your honest feedback. JeyOdin out!”

Please Vote!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Issue #158 READ IT RIGHT HERE! After reading, it’s vital to VOTE for your favorite entries, as each vote not only recognizes the creators’ efforts – but also gives Saturday AM valuable insights into which creators stood out this year. Make your voice count!

After each short story/one-shot, you will see this button, which will link you to the voting form!

Did you read Issue 158? What did you think? What were your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below! Till next time folks – peace.

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