So, we’re about to embark on our SECOND TEST FLIGHT for PILOT manga submissions to Saturday AM and we’ve come to realize that we simply DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH ROOM!

What to do?

After a year that has found MyFutprint grow to include Saturday AM, our digital manga magazine AND Afternoon Web-X, our daily webcomic line (no mention of WEL/RED???– not now) we decided we needed something that would sit IN THE MIDDLE of these two juggernauts.

A way to bridge the large fanbases of comics like Apple Black, Comatose and Saigami (to name a few) as well as Spoon, Storybook and Wanted Dead or Dead (naming a just a few, again)–was chief in our minds when looking at developing, finding and working with new talent..

Ladies and gentlemen — welcome the first look at SATURDAY PLUS.



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