After a big November launch of our BETA FIRST ISSUE with several hundred downloads (despite all of our technical glitches) we are so very excited to tease some very big announcements!!

First, a round of applause for the WINNERS of the BULLY EATER CONTEST!

It’s our first contest and was only open to members of our OFFICIAL SATURDAY AM NEWSLETTER –so, what are you waiting for??? SIGN UP NOW!!



Our FIRST ISSUE will be available in its’ FINAL MASTER and available for all webcmic enthusiasts and true lovers of cool manga! Expect some tighter image selection, spelling/ grammar corrections and a BRAND NEW JAM COVER by WHYT MANGA!!

Speaking of Odunze Oguguo, we have big plans for he and his comic, APPLE BLACK! Expect a SNEAK PEEK at the cover ONLY for subscribers of our OFFICIAL SATURDAY AM NEWSLETTER!

Not only will the cover include all of the characters on the existing cover but expect to see the debut of Lyn from Race! On! comfortably sitting alongside our heroes. This is a big deal because Race! On! captures everything that we as a group have desired to do. Discover new talent (Race! On!’s creator/ writer — Mario Savovski is from Macedonia) and bring them along for the ride! 

If you have not gotten the bug yet for one of the most promising new manga (and not the only one we’re going to be bringing in 2014) then know that we have A NEW MANGA vehicle for discovering manga properties on Saturday AM.

We call it Saturday WEB-X and are VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

No--this isn't Race! On! but a panel from a title within our upcoming Saturday WEB-X!

No–this isn’t Race! On! but a panel from a title within our upcoming Saturday WEB-X!

Not only is it going to help us re-do our manga section (we know, WE KNOW–this section is POOR and we will make it BETTER) it’s also going to bring attention to Expect more news soon including what members will be our inaugural manga.


Next up is our DIGITAL STORE!

Many people have been inquiring about our ORIGINAL T-SHIRTS from some of Deviantart and webcomics’ most popular creators! Well, hold your horses! We are still working hard to develop a SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE for our APPAREL but one thing WE CAN DO is launch a Digital storefront with products that we KNOW YOU WANT!




and more--much more!

All of this AND Saturday AM Issue Number 2 with a new cover by Comatose creator: Wally Nguyen! 

Again, if you want to get an EARLY SNEAK PEEK at Wally’s cover–then sign up for our NEWSLETTER today!

Our goal is to get many of these items by Christmas and in some cases for things you can enjoy ON CHRISTMAS–so stayed tuned!

-Frederick L. Jones

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