BincTank: Nurturing BIPOC Bookstore Dreams in Underserved Communities

Binc, an organization firmly rooted in the belief that every community should have access to its bookstore, has introduced an innovative initiative named BincTank. This incubator pilot program is specifically crafted to support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) entrepreneurs who aim to launch bookstores in areas that are often overlooked.

What is BincTank?

BincTank is not just any regular program. It’s a holistic business incubator, which has multiple layers to ensure success for its participants. Here’s what it offers:

    • Capital Access: Ensures that financial hurdles don’t impede motivated entrepreneurs from historically underrepresented communities.
    • Network Building: Focuses on developing strong peer-to-peer relationships.
    • Education: Provides industry-specific training to keep the participants ahead in their game.
    • Expertise and Guidance: Pairs participants with seasoned mentors and subject matter experts.
    • Resources: Grants access to a comprehensive library of business research and tools.

The driving force behind BincTank is to assist entrepreneurs in establishing bookstores or extending book retail services in communities that have faced the adverse effects of systemic racism. With BincTank, the dream of these entrepreneurs is not only visualized but also nurtured until they are ready for business investment.

It’s truly exciting to see Binc championing such a vital initiative to bolster BIPOC groups in their entrepreneurial journeys. This resonates deeply with Saturday AM, given our shared commitment to offering a platform for marginalized artists and creators to voice their narratives to the global audience. Frederick L Jones, our founder and CEO, shared his enthusiasm about Binc:

“Awesome news! Starting MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC to see MORE black and brown inclusion in the manga category (not just characters and creators but decision makers and staff as well) …the next area of interest is in stores and buying decisions as more perspectives only allow for more richness in products available to be discovered in stores.

So happy to see and support groups like Book Industry Charitable Foundation

Learn more about Binc and their bookstore business incubator pilot program HERE

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