The MOST Interesting Black Characters of Saturday AM

In honor of Black History Month we here at Saturday AM have put together a list of our TOP 10 BLACK CHARACTERS OF SATURDAY AM. that’s right folks diversity is the name of the game so you know we have a lot to work with here. And here we go, in no particular order.


1. Cast (Clock Striker)

Exceptionally smart and scrappy, Cast is capable of building almost anything she can think of. Her greatest invention is her MOBILE LAB prosthetic hand which can conduct chemical experiments, fire metallic fingers, produce a grappling hook and discharge a 1000 volts of electricity!


2. Oumi (Oblivion Rouge)

A strong-willed young woman who is at the top of her class. She grew up as an orphan in the Hakkinen military base. She has set a goal for herself, which is to save the lives being taken by either the LEUP or the war conducted by the Hells.



3. Opal (Apple Black)

Smart, Witty, and not afraid to speak her mind, Opal, with the help of her gem wand, Astrojinx, can copy the sorcery-based abilities of others just by looking at them. She can only copy one sorcerer at a time and there are limitations to what she’s able to achieve once she’s copied an ability.



4.  Dante (Soul Beat)

Dante Alfonse, never believed in the consequences of his actions until a fateful encounter opened his eyes and he decided to change his ways for good. But, with so many sins to make up for and the forces of evil standing in his way, his journey to redemption won’t be easy. With help from the heavens and mysterious new power to light the way, this disco-loving ex-boxer will attempt to save his fate, discover the secrets of the afterlife, and learn what it really means to have a soul.



5. Diane (Hammer)

Dedicated, smart and focused. As the youngest commissioner in the Ocean kingdom’s history, Princess Diane Ocean keeps her true identity hidden as she makes sure her city is crime free.



6. Aboki (Orisha)

Aboki (ORISHA) – starts out timid, weak but comes to grow courageous and crafty, using his celestial orisha seed to summon crystal like constructs of whatever we can imagine. His limitations are not being able to create more than 1 construct at a time and his indecisive thoughts on what to create at the time.



7. Karim Yun (Underground)

Karim Yun looks to prove that his brand of Taekwondo can topple even the strongest of adversaries. As Karim’s notoriety grows, his family is threatened, and the only way to save the people closest to him is to compete in the underground’s most infamous and deadly circuit, “The Battle of Monsters” (B.O.M.).



8. Kaine (Metal Souls)

Kaine is chosen to be the pilot of this weapon, also known as its soul. Will Kaine be able to live up to the expectations put on him and save the world?


9. Meleak Williams (4 Strikes)

A timid and mild mannered teen from Vulcan City, Alabama. He’s gets himself in a situation that puts him in contact with a supernatural being. This event changes his life forever.



10. Gunhild (Gunhild)

Hotheaded, intensly caring, and always ready to face any challenge head on, Gunhild, a fire Jotun, has the ability to create fire and change her skin to look like molten lava, she’s always warm to the touch and smoke literally comes out of her head when she’s mad.


There are our top 10 folks! Thats just the tip of the iceburg – our stories are Chock-full of melinated characters that are just as awesome as the ones you see here.

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