BLEACH IS BACK! Episode 1 Review

*slides across stage* *dramatic lighting* WE ARE BACK BABY!!! We came out zankpakutos blazing!!

The juggernaut Tite Kubo’s Bleach is back with the smoke, with the badassery and our favorite carrot top substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki. Now, lets get into it! We are given a bit of a foreshadowing/history montage of what the final arc is about. Introducing the Quincy King, he has walked past death and slumber and now re-exists amongst us in the living world. We aren’t too sure what his motives are but his message is to restore peace to the world.

Enter Karakura Town, a stealth mission is underway to exterminate some Hollows. Shino and Ryunosuke, two newbie soul reapers, are on the job. Clearly, they were in over their heads because they got their asses handed to them. And guess who comes to the rescue?! Our favorite gang with a whole new look, thanks to Studio Perriot’s animation!

We get a taste of the staple fight scenes and power-ups that made Bleach the force it is today. Ichigo and the gang come out blazing and saving the day per usual! The story line continues to unfold as the episode progresses. Quincies have emerged and are stirring the pot! The atmosphere increases in tension as the newest enemy splatters blood across our screens in the name of peace.

Episode 1 of Bleach does an amazing job of setting the tone, reminding us of an old friend we’ve missed for the past decade and we are back for the reunion. I’m positive Bleach won’t disappoint us which the next rollout of episodes. I’m eager to see how everything will unfold and end as we are introduced to a new cast of diverse characters. Ichigo and friends have new expectations to set as one of the Big 3 anime. But, it’s Bleach come on we know who we’re dealing with here.

Until next time everyone!

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