It’s an ANNIVERSARY (of sorts) for our CRAZIEST, COOLEST, and most CREATIVE exclusive series, BETTER OFF IGNORANT aka BOI!


What is BOI?

BOI aka BETTER OFF IGNORANT started as a series within Saturday AM a few years back from Nigerian-American, Luqman Otutuloro and Canadian Austin Harvey.

Well, if you like the INSANITY of RICK and MORTY or GINTAMA then this crazy series will probably be RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY.


After all, there are BANANA-MEN, EVIL BABYSITTERS, and MORE! And the only thing standing between these bizarre obstacles is ISA — the SMARTEST MAN IN THE WORLD by virtue of an accidental bite of some special fruit. His speciality is PHYSICS but he’s not the strongest and he’s still rather clueless. Luckily his friends KAYA and BAZ are there and have his back!

What is BOI celebrating?

BOI is close to wrapping it’s VOLUME 1 storyline and that’s a BIG DEAL. Not only have both Luqman and Austin had many life changes and major experiences during these past few years but to actually continue to tell a comicbook story is no small feat! In fact, it’s downright rare especially when you consider that Saturday AM content are COMICS — same dimensions and specs and thus it’s difficult to create 200 pages of content in ANY timeframe much less over a few years. It’s something that everyone within Saturday AM (and our siblings, Saturday PM and Saturday BRUNCH) take very, very seriously!

What do I have to do to WIN THE PRIZE?

Hey, we’re SATURDAY AM! We’re the HOME of diverse manga and indie manga-style creators. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ART, BABY!

The wonderfully bizarre trio of ISA, BAZ, and Kaya — must be DRAWN IN YOUR STYLE! That’s it…

Now, obviously you gotta TAG US and SHARE THE ART ON INSTAGRAM but beyond that == it’s pretty simple.

How will I know if I won?

Oh…we’ll make sure you know. We’ll make sure THE WORLD KNOWS. For one thing, Saturday AM Founder and Publisher, Frederick L. Jones (CLOCK STRIKER) will be a Judge as will star artists, Whyt Manga (APPLE BLACK) and Jeyodin (HAMMER).

Finally, we’ll reveal all in a special broadcast (to air on YOUTUBE and/or IGTV).

Last question, WHAT will I WIN?

You are asking a lot of questions, first of all!

THERE ARE SUBSCRIPTIONS, T-SHIRTS, and CASH! That’s right, some actual M-O-N-E-Y!

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 1.57.59 AM.png


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