Bon Idle Talks Henshin on Comicosity: Power Rangers, Tokusatsu, and Crafting Diverse Narratives!

Interview Alert! Our very own Super Sentai warrior himself Bon Idle was recently interviewed by Comicosity promoting Henshin! Vol.1 They talked in depth about his journey from watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a kid to creating Henshin, a series he describes as “Power Rangers meets Riverdale.” Bon Idle discusses the evolution of the series, from its original concept to the decision to create a well-rounded cast representing various backgrounds and identities.


Idle began to draw when he was still in school. He said, “I kept getting predicted really good grades, which I rarely achieved, but I ended up in gifted and talented classes.” As a result, he said he was surrounded by “cool, clever people,” and he began to use drawing as a way to relate to them. “I was a kid who watched anime and drew stuff, so that’s what I did. And it was one of those things that all the kids seemed to respond to.”  While it remained a hobby, Idle recalls other kids would come to him with art requests.

“I remember, when I was at school, I’d buy notebooks, and during class when I probably should have been listening and doing work, I would be there scribbling a comic… I’d fill notebooks with these stories, and I’d make them up as I went along,”

Read the full interview HERE


Follow Bon Idle on social media at @iambonidle and immerse yourself in the tokusatsu-style adventure that awaits!


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