Bruce Lee Anime: A Bold Step into Action and Fantasy

Bruce Lee’s legacy remains evergreen, transcending time through his impactful teachings and iconic filmography. His family, with a deep commitment to preserving and sharing his teachings, brings forth a fresh endeavor—an anime series titled “House of Lee”. This project is passionately driven by Bruce’s daughter, Sharon Lee, as she endeavors to interweave her personal experiences and her father’s principles into an exhilarating fantasy/action narrative.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Sharon shared:

“Anime offers a unique canvas for crafting stories that allow Bruce Lee to shine authentically. The diverse dimensions of action, fantasy, history, culture, and sheer creativity within this genre genuinely excite me.”

The storyline traces Bruce Lee’s mission to rally his Dragon Warriors, with the world on the brink of envelopment by shadows and darkness. The essence of the series resonates with Bruce Lee’s profound quote: “Those unaware they walk in darkness will never seek the light.”

Chapter 3 drop
White Rabbit

To bring this vision to fruition, Bruce Lee Entertainment has joined forces with Shibuya. Sharon’s admiration for Shibuya stemmed from their acclaimed ‘White Rabbit’ anime short, a creative endeavor by Yang. Speaking about the collaboration, Sharon stated:

“Emily and Shibuya’s unique perspective truly resonates with me. Their artistic prowess, combined with an exceptional brand ethos, made it clear that they were the ideal partners. The synergy we’ve found has been truly remarkable!”

Fist of the North Star (TV Series 1984–1988) - IMDbDrawing visual inspirations from classic anime like ‘Fist of the North Star’ and ‘Legend Of The Galactic Heroes’, “House of Lee” promises to be both an exhilarating fantasy journey and a deeper dive into Bruce Lee’s spiritual philosophies. Catch a glimpse in the teaser trailer and share your thoughts below. Are you ready for this Bruce Lee anime?





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