Our WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH issue is here with another stellar collection of DIVERSE, JOSEI MANGA!

We begin with our 1st BLACK FEMALE SUPERHERO…from the BAHAMAS. Meet ZEPHYR by @stanielrussell! This series originally debuted in our 2020 #summerofmanga event and now begins a run inside of BRUNCH with a STRONG INSTALLMENT. How good is this?? Competitors are scared so bad, they’re making up stuff!

The issue also includes NEW INSTALLMENTS of:

-GRIMMHEIM by German artist, @grimmheim

-HENSHIN! by Brit artist, @iambonidle

and GUNHILD by Dane artist @fred_tornager

Also, interviews with Dee Juusan and National Black Justice Coalition’s efforts to Teaching Pronouns Through Comics.

There is MORE but 1st, let’s ENJOY SOME MANGA!

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