Cast is here! Happy Clock Striker Day!

*ducks from thrown tomato* I get it! Its been a minute, but please save the tomatoes! I am avid ketchup fan!

Hello Party People! And Happy Black History Month! The talk of the internet has finally arrived, after having many viral tweets so many haters that would give Beyoncé a run for her money.

Clock Striker has arrived and can be purchased at your nearest book store!

Just to give you all a reminder of our newest black girl heroine meet Cast! Shonen Manga’s first black female lead. Determined to become a Smith (part engineer, part warrior) she becomes the apprentice of Ms. Clock. What lies ahead for Cast? Buy a copy and find out!!!

Created by CEO & Founder, Frederick L. Jones & Comic Artist Issaka Galadima. This graphic novel has a lot of smoke and fire packed into it! Surely, you wont be disappointed unless you’re a hater!

Stay tuned to see what’s next for Saturday AM!






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