Celebrating a Decade of Diversity and Creativity: Saturday Con 2023 Recap

This past weekend marked a significant milestone for MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC, as we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Saturday AM, the world’s most diverse manga brand. Founder and CEO, Frederick Jones, reflected on the incredible journey of building a #blackownedbusiness in the realm of manga, overcoming challenges, and creating a global community of manga enthusiasts.

The heart of the celebration was Saturday Con 2023, held in Durham, NC on November 4th and 5th. The event brought together fans, artists, and partners from around the world, turning this 10th-anniversary extravaganza into an unforgettable experience.

Diverse Voices, One Community:

What stood out the most was the incredible unity among attendees from different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. Our creators and fans alike mingled as if they had known each other for years, embodying the inclusive spirit that Saturday AM has fostered globally.

A Milestone Achieved:

Saturday Con 2023 marked the brand’s first in-person event, and the response was overwhelming. Despite the significant investment in flying in artists from New Zealand to France, Denmark, and England, the immediate sell-out of titles like CLOCK STRIKER VOL 1, APPLE BLACK Vol 3, GUNHILD VOL 1, and others showcased the passion and support of fans. The smiling faces of parents from various backgrounds expressing gratitude for the existence of Saturday AM added an emotional touch to the event.

Family, Food, and Framed Memories:


The celebration extended beyond the convention center when 17 attendees visited Frederick’s parents’ house for a southern dinner. The warmth and charm exchanged between the attendees, Frederick’s family, and even his dog, Allie, created unforgettable moments. The surprise presentation of a framed joint illustration featuring Saturday AM’s characters by co-founders and co-owners was the perfect culmination of a truly remarkable day.

Acknowledgments and Appreciations:

A special thank you was extended to the fans, staff, artists, and partners who contributed to the success of Saturday Con 2023. The dedication of everyone, as well as the support from partners such as The Quarto Group, BIOWORLD MERCHANDISING, Legend & friends, Anita Castellar, NC COMICON, and Ultimate Comics.

Stay Tuned for More:

As the curtain falls on Saturday Con 2023, the anticipation for what lies ahead continues to build. Keep an eye out for more details and exciting announcements that were made during this milestone event.

In the words of Frederick Jones, “10 years done. They couldn’t stop us… So, the next ten years will be EARTH-SHATTERING. Let’s gooooo!” The journey of Saturday AM is far from over, and we can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for this groundbreaking manga brand.

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