Celebrating Black Creators: Issaka Galadima

We are nearing the end folks but that don’t stop us from being black and a diverse brand! We are black 24/7, 365. *wink*

Next up we have a creator who had so much time on his hands I nearly couldn’t catch him for this interview. See its Issaka Galadima one of the masterminds behind Clock Striker. Did yall catch the time joke, it’s a double entendre.

Anyways lets jump into it!

Saturday AM: How has your experience as a Black creator influenced your creative process and the themes you explore in your work?

Issaka: Honestly, it’s been a game changer. I grew up in Niger Republic, a country that has a culture full of positivity, and that colors everything I do, bringing in stories and vibes that feel fresh (I hope lol) and real, and makes my work pop with authenticity and heart.

Saturday AM: Can you share a specific moment or experience where your identity as a Black creator intersected with challenges or obstacles within your industry?

Issaka: Interestingly enough, I’ve been fortunate not to face obstacles in the industry because of my identity. So far, it’s been a smooth journey on that front, with the roadblocks and challenges being more about the usual ups and downs of the creative process and the lack of freetime rather than anything to do with my identity as a Black creator.

Saturday AM: In what ways do you navigate the complexities of diversity and representation in your creative projects?

Issaka: It’s all about being real and breaking those clichés. I make sure my characters are as layered and varied as people are in real life.

Saturday AM: How do you address or challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about Black creators and their work?

Issaka: When it comes to tackling those old stereotypes and misconceptions, I like to mix a bit of humor with truth in my work. I try to create characters and stories that feel so real and relatable, anyone holding onto clichés starts to see just how outdated they are. It’s like, “Come on, we’re way more diverse and interesting than that!” I aim to make my audience think, “Wow, I had no idea,” and leave them with a new appreciation for the richness of our stories.

Saturday AM: Have you encountered instances of racism or discrimination in your career, and if so, how have you responded or overcome them?

Issaka: Not gonna lie, it’s rough out there sometimes (lot of trolls here and there). But I channel that negativity into determination. I keep my head up, surround myself with positive vibes, and use it as fuel to prove them wrong. It’s about showing up, standing tall, and making sure my work speaks volumes.

Saturday AM: What aspirations or goals do you have for yourself and the broader Black creative community in terms of representation and recognition within your industry?

Issaka: I’m aiming high—not just for me but for all Black creatives. It’s about making the industry reflect the real world, with all its beautiful diversity. We’ve made some strides, but there’s so much more to do. And I’m here for it, pushing for that change every day.

Saturday AM: Being apart of the comic book industry, has it been everything you thought it was? Was are some things you you enjoy, somethings you wish you could change?

Issaka: Jumping into comics has been a wild ride! There’s so much to love—the creativity, the community, the chance to bring my wildest ideas to life. I truly love is the creative freedom and the chance to connect with fans who get just as excited about these stories as I do.
But if there’s one thing I could wave a magic wand over, it would be to ensure that more artists can actually make a living from their art. It’s heartbreaking to see incredibly talented folks juggle their passion with day jobs just to make ends meet. I dream of a world where artists are more valued and compensated in a way that reflects their contribution to our culture and society.

Saturday AM: How do you use your platform and voice as a Black creator to advocate for social justice and equity in your field and beyond?

Issaka: It’s mainly through the stories I tell. Spreading universal values like kindness, empathy, and understanding.
I aim to weave these themes into the fabric of every chapter, hoping they resonate far and wide, and creating narratives that not only entertain but also educate and inspire positive change.

Saturday AM: Can you give a piece of advice for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Issaka: If you’re looking to walk this path, here’s the deal: stay true to you. Your unique voice? That’s your superpower. Tell the stories that fire you up and never stop learning and growing. And remember, your work matters, your voice is needed, and heck yes, you belong here.

Looks like our time has ran out ladies and gents catch y’all tomorrow!

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