Celebrating Black Creators: Raymond Brown

We are back with another one! Happy Black History Month! We got a Bully Eater on our roster so trolls watch out!

We have one of the OGs of Saturday AM, Raymond Brown everyone! Let’s see what kind of punch he’s packing!

Saturday AM: How has your experience as a Black creator influenced your creative process and the themes you explore in your work?

Raymond: It made me realize the importance of representation. I grew up in an era where most of heroes depicted in mainstream media were not people of color. It never really bothered me much because it was all that I knew. But, since becoming a creator, I’ve seen first-hand the joy fans experience when they see characters that speak to their community.

Saturday AM: Can you share a specific moment or experience where your identity as a Black creator intersected with challenges or obstacles within your industry?   

Raymond: In my opinion, as black creators, we tend to have to be EXCEPTIONAL at the craft to be taken seriously by the industry. There’s a ton of “Gate keeping” in this space, but I find that work hard, Consistency, and staying professional will doors for you.

Saturday AM: In what ways do you navigate the complexities of diversity and representation in your creative projects?

Raymond: Live life. Weird, answer I know, but I find that’s it easier to draw from life experiences than my imagination sometimes. I make it a point to interact with people that aren’t like me, and it opens my mind to create all sorts of different characters in my work.

Saturday AM: How do you address or challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about Black creators and their work?

Raymond: Research and education. Learn what potentially hurtful stereotypes might arise in whatever story I’m telling and avoid it like them plague.

Saturday AM: Have you encountered instances of racism or discrimination in your career, and if so, how have you responded or overcome them?

Raymond: The racism that I’ve personally faced hasn’t been overt, but very subtle. As I mentioned before, this industry has a lot of gatekeepers. If your background doesn’t line up with theirs or their buddies, they tend to ignore your work regardless of quality. The key to overcoming this is to continue to produce good work and eventually you’ll find your lane.

Saturday AM: What aspirations or goals do you have for yourself and the broader Black creative community in terms of representation and recognition within your industry?

Raymond: To have more black writers and artists’ voices represented in main stream media.

Saturday AM: Being apart of the comic book industry, has it been everything you thought it was? Was are some things you you enjoy, somethings you wish you could change?

Raymond: I learned the being a part of the comic book industry is A LOT of work! You really have to love what you do and have a solid support group in order to stay sane.

Saturday AM: How do you use your platform and voice as a Black creator to advocate for social justice and equity in your field and beyond?

Raymond: Doing my best to create cool stories and characters with unlikely heroes.

Saturday AM: Can you give a piece of advice for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Raymond: Don’t get caught up by your own hype, but don’t be too hard on yourself either. Be confident in what you’re doing, but also be willing to learn from people that have what you want.


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