Chainsaw Man Anime is coming! Are you ready?

Are you ready for Chainsaw Man?

Is this thing on? *smacks mic* Turn me up a little. That light above is too bright, lets dim it just a little.

Anddddddddd we are back!! Whats up people! Its been a minute but I’m back like the Terminator. I hope some of you have heard of Chainsaw Man because why wouldn’t you? Who are you people?

When I first heard of it, I immediately thought of One Punch Man. It wasn’t appealing, I thought it was a stupid satire but yet again I was wrong. MAPPA is taking up the production of this hell-fire anime so you know its about to hit you with an uppercut.

Enter 16-year old Denji, with teeth that could give Jaws a run for his money and the hygiene and etiquette that makes my inner neat freak scream every time he breathes. Denji orphaned at a young age has to pay off his father’s loan for a yakuza group. Denji is also accompanied by a devil dog Pochita. One day Denji is attacked and hanging on for dear life, in order to save his life Pochita and Denji fuse creating The Chainsaw Man.


Let me tell you, I was not prepared for the bad-assery that presumed as I read each manga page. The characters, the plot, the power system within this story was insane. The simple fact that Denji doesn’t have a real character goal makes the story more worthwhile. The dude just wants to grab some boob and lose his v-card, that’s it. It was baffling to me cause what? Where’s the chivalry? Ain’t none.

The devils in Chainsaw Man are my favorite antagonists to dive into, they are all so unique and pure evil I couldn’t get enough. The biggest threat without too much of a spoiler is a gun devil who’s just insanely powerful. The concept of fear plays a huge part of how the devils function in the world of CM. I definitely didn’t know what I was diving into when I was recommended this manga.


Chainsaw Man is a fun adventure full of gore and amazing artwork. The characters and their ambitions will have you cheering and crying for them as the arc progresses. I can’t wait till the anime comes out!

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