Clock Striker Crowned: Winner of the 2024 YALSA Award!

Get ready to celebrate because we’ve got some exciting news for fans of our beloved black female shonen lead! Brace yourselves because Clock Striker has just clinched the top spot as the winner of the esteemed YALSA AWARD: 2024 Great Graphic Novels for Teens!

But hold on, what exactly is YALSA?

Well, let me fill you in! YALSA, or the Young Adult Library Services Association, has been around since 1957 and is a division of the American Library Association. It’s a powerhouse organization comprised of librarians, library workers, and advocates all dedicated to enhancing library services for teens nationwide.

The YALSA Awards!

From Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults to Best Fiction for Young Adults, YALSA hosts a lineup of prestigious categories that shine a spotlight on outstanding contributions to young adult literature, including the much-coveted Great Graphic Novels for Teens.


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We couldn’t be more thrilled about Clock Striker’s well-deserved recognition from YALSA. The incredible team behind Clock Striker poured their hearts and souls into crafting this captivating story and its unforgettable characters. This honor means the world to them, and they’re bursting with gratitude for this acknowledgment.

A huge thank you to YALSA, the American Library Association, and our fantastic partners at Quarto! Together, we’re writing the next chapter in Clock Striker’s success story, and we couldn’t be more proud or grateful for this incredible journey!



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