Love US Women’s National team? Then get ready for a NEW FEMALE MANGA SUPERSTAR

Yes, we’re all incredibly proud of US WOMEN’S NATIONAL TEAM and there is something fitting in their victory against the amazingly talented Japanese Women’s National Team in the Women’s World Cup 2015 final. Y’see, when we started Saturday AM, the idea was to bring Japanese manga style to more prominence by featuring global creators with a more diverse set of stories and characters.


We already have one EXCLUSIVE manga series featuring an awesome female protagonist in SAIGAMI by Andrea Voros.

Now, we’re close to bringing our SECOND — meet CAST, star of the upcoming CLOCK STRIKER!

She’s brash, smart and fun and she’s a beautiful young woman of color. Hang on manga, we’re about to bring you into the new era.

You may have caught a sneak peek in Saturday AM Issue #24 (one of our best selling issues of 2015) and now, here’s a second pic–taken right from a page with art by superstar in training, Rekse!


When can you read CLOCK STRIKER?


Where can you read CLOCK STRIKER?

In our EXCLUSIVE manga short story section called TEST RUN.

Check out more manga shorts in TEST RUN and if you want to ENTER YOUR OWN SHORT STORY–click here!

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