Comic Book Yeti: Clock Striker Interview

We have another interview hitting the web for our Saturday AM gang.  The Comic Book Yeti sat down with the dynamic duo Frederick L. Jones and Issaka Galadima to discuss the hit series Clock Striker.

They touch on the inception of the character, history of the series, the artstyle, and MUCH MORE.  Heres a little snippet from the tell all interview:

CBY: So regarding Saturday AM – this is the first title I’ve covered from amongst the catalogue of comics. Frederick, as Founder, can you tell us a bit about how Clock Striker found its home amidst the titles? With the multiple titles you’ve been involved in, and the operational considerations of running Saturday AM, can you both share a bit about the process of putting together Clock Striker for publication through Saturday AM? 

IG: Well, it’s pretty classic. Fred starts by thinking about the events of the chapters then we discuss it. Then he writes the script, which I adapt into a storyboard. And I finalize the page with the help of the artistic team (i.e., my assistants).

FLJ: Sure! As I said, Saturday AM is a Black-owned company that normalizes diversity in manga. Clock Striker is uniquely a Saturday AM title, in that it’s the first Black female lead heroine in shonen manga ever. It’s also one of our most popular series and best-selling titles, and it has racked up some great reviews and award nominations. So, it’s something I definitely take a great deal of pride in and spend a comparable amount of time working on, as it’s a core part of our business.

My schedule has always been crazy, but after a decade in corporate America, I’m big on meetings and team dynamics. Essentially, I start the week with a meeting with Issaka, and we plan out Clock Striker work for the week, be it scripts, plot concerns, dialogue, or marketing.

After that, I will focus on our core business from new business dealings, sales, deadlines, invoices, etc. Likewise, I set aside time for one-on-ones with creators and individual meetings with our partners across Sandisk, Quarto, Atsuko, and more.

Building a team is important, though, and one of my most critical weekly tasks. If it wasn’t for folks like Austin, Joshua, Jackie, Demetrene, and others, I would be overwhelmed. Trust me—I did it for years by myself (with Raymond Brown, another co-founder), and thus I can tell you—our team is not just essential, but they are amazing!

Check out the full Comic Book Yeti interview right HERE

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