Constantine Premieres TONIGHT Oct 24 on NBC

Another DC comic is coming to television. Marvel may rule the theaters, but DC rules over the small screen with shows like FLASH, GOTHAM and ARROW. 

Don’t worry, the crappy Keanu Reeves movie is not in play for this story…thank god!

Constantine is being brought to television by successful movie producer/ writer,  David Goyer. Goyer has a proven track record with comic book adaptations, mostly for the darker characters (Dark Knight, Blade, Batman v Superman). DC Comics offered Goyer the chance to bring any title to TV, but (the story goes) he only was interested in Constantine. He was a fan of (the original comicbook) “Hellblazer” as a teen, did not want to tackle a “traditional” superhero, and thought John Constantine was a fun character.

The show follows John Constantine, a smart ass occult detective, who battles demons and the forces of darkness that most people can’t see. The first season will be heavily inspired by Constantine’s appearance in Swamp Thing. The series will weave storylines from the Hellblazer comics not a specific arc at a time or chronological, a la Game of Thrones. However, it will be more old school plot points than DC’s new 52. David Goyer took Geoff Johns suggestions to include plenty of DC easter eggs, which is exciting…but here’s hoping the internet doesn’t go ‘LOST’ crazy. 

Being on NBC could be a real problem where the source material may not be able to function as originally conceived. Goyer says the show will be edgy and dark but has to maintain network standards. This includes an NBC anti smoking policy. In the comics, John Constantine is a heavy smoker so this could be a predicament; the show will show Constantine holding a cigarette and putting them out, but no inhalation can be shown. Network shows are pushing the envelope more and more with the takeover of cable and premium shows; however, I think Constantine could suffer by being on a network. For example, The Walking Dead and The Sopranos were both originally pitched to networks, and both of them would have failed miserably and not created the fandom they have if aired on a network. NBC does show Hannibal, which is pretty risqué and dark; Constantine will air after Grimm and on Friday, so it will get more slack from these factors. Constantine will focus on the idea of dark versus light and ambiguity. 

Both new and familiar characters will be seen on Constantine. There are plans to expand the DC Universe and use comic book characters if the show is successful. From season 1, you can expect to see Dr. Fate, Zed, Papa Midnite, and (personal favorite) the Spectre. There are also no plans to show Lucifer on screen for quite awhile. I am excited about Constantine but not craving it. I basically have no expectations. Sometimes, these shows are the most enjoyable and addictive out of surprise and low expectations. 

CONSTANTINE Airs tonight / Fridays/ 10pm EST

By Kasey Michael-a lover of all things entertainment. Born and bred in North Carolina, she can usually be found in front of a screen.

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