Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction: Episode 1 Review

How would you react if aliens arrived on Earth and ominously hovered above? This is the exact scenario that Koyama, her friends, and all of Japan must deal with. The first episode and prologue of Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction have premiered, and we’re here to share our thoughts. This series has been on our radar, even making it to our Top Post-Apocalyptic Manga List. So, sit back, relax, and let’s unravel the complexities of the first episode. Spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned!

Three years ago, the sudden appearance of a massive alien mothership caused widespread unease. Unsure of what these mysterious beings’ arrival means, the citizens have no choice but to continue their daily lives. Koyama and her best friend Ontan are preparing for graduation and planning their futures. Koyama has decided to forgo college and enter the workforce instead. Dealing with her father’s disappearance and her hypochondriac mother, she feels responsible for supporting her family.

Koyama seems to have adopted a pessimistic demeanor about her future. One thing she is passionate about, though, is video games and her favorite manga, Isobeyan. One scene involves Koyama speaking with her homeroom teacher, who is concerned about her nonchalant attitude toward her studies and grades. She bluntly states she isn’t going to attend college, so her grades don’t matter. She remains unmoved by the teacher’s insistence on the importance of her future. However, when the teacher notices her Isobeyan backpack, her passion ignites as she excitedly shares details about the character.

This scene stood out to me because it revealed Koyama’s hidden excitement. Although she tries to come across as a realist and feigns happiness, this moment feels authentic. It shows that she still holds a spark of enthusiasm within her. This could be tied to nostalgia, as she is seen holding the same Isobeyan plushie she had as a young girl.

The episode’s final scene shows one of the mysterious spaceships crash-landing in a dimly lit neighborhood, revealing its passengers as unidentified humanoid creatures. Their bodies appear battered and bruised, possibly not just from the crash.

This series seems poised to delve deep into character relationships, dealing with trauma, growing up, and maturing, all against the backdrop of a mysterious alien invasion. The grounded story of adolescence combined with the unfolding mystery of the alien presence has me intrigued. With what seems to be impending doom literally hanging over everyone’s heads who could feel optimistic in that situation? But what did you think? Will you return for the second episode? Let us know in the comments below.


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